Today’s news headline’s



United States

Why Obama Wants To Change The Key Law In The Terrorism Fight

Obama faces resistance in bid to unload popular southern utility giant

House Republicans express “great concern” about possible Holder perjury

Tea Party groups sue IRS, Obama administration

Former Bush Aide Said to Be Choice to Be Chief of FBI

New website reveals extent of secret CIA flight network

2 Letters Addressed To Mayor Bloomberg Found To Contain Ricin

Disneyland employee arrested in Toontown explosion

Navy considers 3D-printing future fleets of drones

Friend of Boston bombing suspect unarmed when killed by FBI

Unapproved Monsanto crop found growing in Oregon

Thousands of New York City school bus workers face job cuts in June

Job seekers camp out for applications in New York

Unique Russian Dialect Recorded in Alaska

War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III

Chances of UN Peace Talks on Syria Appear Dim as Both Sides Dig In

Assad ready for peace talks, discording opposition sets preconditions

Russia May Revise Ban on Syrian Arms Exports

UN human rights body condemns foreign fighters in Syria

US calls on Hezbollah to pull fighters out of Syria

3 Libyan soldiers killed in Benghazi attack

France calls for action against Islamists in southern Libya

France says more Hezbollah militia fighting for al-Assad in Syria

Obama Asks Pentagon for Syria No-Fly Zone Plan



Pizza from a printer: NASA to spend $125,000 funding 3D food production project

Human brains are wired to make music-color connections

Scientists discover how the brain keeps track of items that move fast

Honeybees trained in Croatia to find land mines

Climate change: human disaster looms, claims new research


Carr refuses to confirm China hack claims

New poll says Assange could win Australian Senate seat


Japan vows to tighten nuke safety after accident

India, Japan close to plane contract

Japanese mayor apologizes to US over sex industry suggestion

Japan: US Pilot Rescued Off Okinawa

At least four exposed to radiation after Japan laboratory leak


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