Today’s news headlines

Source: Only President Could Have Given Stand Down Order During Benghazi Attack

Even Democratic Party Loyalists Starting to Wake Up to the Fact that Obama Is As Bad As Bush … Or Worse

Putin to evaluate results of unscheduled Black Sea exercises

Israel’s Netanyahu to Meet Russia’s Putin

David Cameron and Vladimir Putin talk Syria and terrorism during Sochi helicopter flight

Russia’s Mediterranean Task Force to Include Nuclear Subs

Russian drone helicopter successfully tested

Russia pursues hypersonic weapon research

Cameron arrives in US buoyed by Russian signals on Syria

EU referendum: cabinet crisis for David Cameron as ministers break ranks

Cameron and Obama’s endless Syria conundrum

Britain’s Queen’s speech: Anti-immigrant rhetoric in support of austerity

Web searches for symptoms of HIV, MRSA and flu strains will be monitored to spot outbreaks of infections

New SARS-like virus can probably pass person-to-person

Greece invokes emergency powers to block teachers’ strike…


NEWYORKER: ‘Now there is something to it’…

DOWD: ‘It’s not true, it’s not true, it’s not true — it’s old news’…

KLEIN: Obama ‘on the same page as Richard Nixon’…


Inhofe mulls ‘I-word’…

Watch out for Petraeus… 

More ‘Whistleblowers Coming’…

Press Corps Races to Defend Hillary from Questions…

Another False Flag Attack?: New Orleans police are searching for three suspects after at

least 19 people were shot during a Mother’s Day second-line parade in the 7th Ward 
The Ultimate Doomsday Provision: ‘Designed For Those Exceptionally Rare Circumstances Where All Other Rights Have Failed’ 
One by one, homes in California subdivision sinking 
Door-to-door Search in New Orleans After Shooting 
Wall of ice destroys Manitoba homes, cottages

Satanists Control Britain With Blackmail – Insider

What if television news disappeared and we invented ourselves?

Free Energy Inventor Jailed For Making This Video?

The Unbelievers Plan to Rid the World of God


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