Todays news updates



Co-Ed Bathroom Bill Passes California State Assembly

California would allow students to use any bathroom or shower based on “their private sense of their own gender” –… –

Hot Springs Residents React to Earthquakes
Quake Activity Picking Up in Arkansas County
China Using Dogs to Predict Earthquakes
Quake Prediction: Women in Skimpy Dresses Trigger Quakes
April Catastrophes Included Hail, Floods in US; Earthquakes in China, Iran
Hawaii at Growing Risk of Hurricanes, Study

Study shows that adventure shapes the individual

Gerald Celente on WW 3 – Middle East Out of Control, What are people waiting for–an Archduke Ferdinand moment?”

Brazilian Atlantis’: Scientists Discover Traces of Sunken Continent Under Atlantic Ocean

GM meat and fish set to go on sale: Scientists to press ahead despite public outrage 5 Insane Farm Secrets Behind the Food on Your Grocery List!]

Solar Eclipse Turns Sun Into ‘Ring of Fire’ This Week

Federal Europe will be 'a reality in a few years', says Jose Manuel Barroso
European Fascists declare Federal Europe will be ‘a reality in a few years’,
One-Third of U.S. Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter, Threatening Food Supply

Russia To Sell Anti-Aircraft Missile Batteries To Syria, Israel Warns U.S.Russia Antiaircraft Missiles Syria


Boehner, McConnell refuse to appoint members to ‘death panel’ to Obamacare… 

HHS budgets $150m to teach people how to enroll…

STUDY: Adventure shapes the individual…

COPS: Man Killed Instantly After Shooting Down Live Power Line To Steal Copper…

The Other Truth about Benghazi 
Seal Team Six National Press Club event streaming now! All star leaders and Seal Team

Six families to speak! 
10 Facts About Benghazi Even the Whistleblowers Did Not Reveal 
Watchdog says government has tried to silence him on Afghanistan 
Why There May Be a Lot Less Gold than We Realize 
JPM Eligible Vault Gold Drops To Fresh Record 
US Mint to limit purchases of ‘America the Beautiful’ silver coins


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